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Safety/Risk Management

In all of our locations, our employees believe in playing it safe.

Comfort Systems USA South Central has a company-wide focus on accident prevention, and not just OSHA compliance. We believe safety has less to do with rulebooks and more to do with what is in the minds of our workers and the hearts of our management. Here at South Central, we have won Comfort Systems USA’s Premier Safety Performance Award in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.This means we are consistently in the top 5 of all 39 operating companies within Comfort Systems USA.

Our philosophy is this: Creating an accident-free environment through leadership, communication, and motivation. By fostering an attitude of safety consciousness, our key leaders develop a “spirit” of accident prevention and reduce accidents as a result.

Our commercial HVAC field staff in Houston all receives continuous comprehensive training and certification which meets and exceeds OSHA requirements. Managers and supervisors receive OSHA 30-hour training as well as training in building a “Culture of Safety.” In addition, we provide our employees with all of the latest safety equipment and tools they need to perform their work. We strictly adhere to all Federal, State, and Local regulations. What’s more, our goal is to eliminate risks, unsafe acts, and conditions that could possibly cause damages or personal injury.

We believe attitude means everything, and our expectation of zero incidents and injuries is absolutely achievable. Our results back this up, as we consistently have a safety performance far exceeding HVAC industry average. We benchmark, and track safety in many areas including workplace safety, automobile operation, and general liability. Our “Safety Performance Ranking” provides continuous feedback, and drives improvement in processes and results.

Managers at all levels of our organization have a profound effect on the safety culture and continually create motivation for positive change to avoid complacency. Staying committed and involved keeps our workplace and work sites free of injury, and allows some of our operations to have worked thousands of hours without a recordable or lost-time injury.