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Our Vision and Values have helped us become a trusted and respected nationwide organization.

When Comfort Systems USA South Central was founded, our vision was expansive:

To become the single-source provider of comprehensive HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, and systems replacement in the Houston area for commercial and industrial customers.

When Comfort Systems USA went public in June 1997, we had 12 operating companies and revenues of approximately $167 million. Now, we have grown to 39 companies nationwide, with revenues of $1.3 billion.

Two key factors have accounted for much of that growth:

First, we are an innovation and technology-driven company, which helps us give customers like you the best possible commercial HVAC solutions. We not only use advanced three-dimensional detailing capabilities to avoid installation problems, but also automated computer-aided design to perfectly communicate required materials..

Second, we the majority of the commercial HVAC work we do is for repeat customers in Houston, who come to us project after project. They know that our technical skills, our integrity, our responsiveness, and our uncompromising teamwork will take them successfully from project concept to completion… without complication, on time, and within budget. We know we would not be successful without satisfied customers.

Our Mission and Values have helped us to succeed

Mission: To provide the best value HVAC and mechanical systems installation and service, principally in the mid-market commercial industrial and institutional sectors, while caring for our customers, employees and the environment, and realizing superior returns for our stockholders.

Values: We define, inform, and guide the way we operate on a daily basis, both within the company and in the communities where we do business.

  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Show respect for ALL stakeholders
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Seek “win-win” solutions
  • Demonstrate spirit and drive
  • Pursue innovation
  • Achieve premier safety performance
  • Commit to energy efficiency
  • Communicate openly
  • Impact our communities positively
  • Think national. Act local