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Plumbing service from the everyday to the highly-technical.

We offer our customers routine maintenance with 24-hour emergency service for any plumbing need from the simplest to the most complex -- including hydronic, steam, potable water systems, natural gas, and medical gas systems.

Service and repair for general plumbing needs:

  • Back flow preventer certification and repair
  • Video inspections for leak detection and repair
  • Drain and sewer maintenance using snake jetter, chemicals, and non-chemical solutions
  • Pump repair and maintenance
  • Hot water heater and boiler repair and replacement
  • Sanitary drain waste and vent systems
  • Trench, floor and roof drains
  • Grease interceptors and sump pumps

Process and manufacturing specialties

  • Piping systems in all materials and specifications
  • Equipment installation and custom fabrication
  • Vacuum and compressed air
  • Natural gas and fuel gas piping systems

We replace plumbing systems to make them efficient and reliable

Outdated, patched-together plumbing can pose ongoing service problems, it can also be a direct drain on your profits. Water heaters and boilers consume a lot of energy, and unless they’re replaced with today’s more efficient equipment, you could be faced with ongoing high costs.

Replacement of back-flow preventers, drains and sewer piping. We can service pumps, water heaters, boilers, drains, and waste systems.

If your facility needs compliance with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) retrofit, we can help.

We will also service vacuum and compressed-air systems, or natural gas and fuel gas piping systems. Bring your building’s plumbing up to spec with help from Comfort Systems USA South Central.