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Energy Services

Energy Services

Energy Services Use Our Energy To Save Yours! ®

Comfort Systems USA South Central delivers lower operating costs to our clients by reducing energy consumption. This is accomplished with engineered solutions that deliver more efficient building systems such as heating, cooling and lighting.

HVAC systems are the single largest energy consuming building system in most commercial facilities in the United States. As the cost of energy increases, the importance of proper service and maintenance is magnified and upgrading or replacing outdated or less-efficient systems makes good business sense. Our services are timely as more and more federal and state agencies provide incentives to help your business increase energy efficiency.

Count on Comfort Systems USA's accredited professionals to deliver innovative and effective energy services:

Energy Assessments - During this preliminary or feasibility study, our experienced energy engineers investigate, identify and quantify building systems improvements that provide energy and/or operational savings to help off-set the cost of their implementation.

Project Development - During Project Development our team works with you every step of the way: from on-site assessments; creating computerized building simulations, developing a finance program; and developing the best custom solution for your business.

Sustainability - Comfort Systems USA Energy Services’ Sustainable Project Management Team develops Sustainable Strategies for new and existing buildings. The result is an increase in building performance, longevity, and value.

Special Programs Group - The Special Programs Group works with you to design the most energy efficient, sustainable project possible and take advantage of all the financial opportunities this presents.

Utility Procurement Consulting - Offering Utility Rate Analysis, the On-Going Management of Deregulated Utility Purchasing, Utility Negotiations and Utility Rate Design, we have the expertise necessary to manage your utility service needs.

Energy Engineering - Our services include: Building Simulations and Modeling; Benchmarking; Life Cycle Cost Analysis; Feasibility Studies; Investment Grade Audits (IGA); Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)/Energy Asset Cost Analysis; Energy Efficiency Improvement Alternatives Comparison; Sustainability Program Management; Commissioning (Cx)/Retro-Commissioning (RCx); Utility Rate Analysis; Measurement & Verification.

Commissioning - Comfort Systems USA Energy Services’ Commissioning Team presents several comprehensive offerings to meet your needs. Each offering includes the appropriate training and education of your staff. Depending on the facilities and systems involved, we average a return on investment of 2-3 years or less.

Federal Solutions - Comfort Systems USA Energy Services is qualified to perform federal energy services work. We hold a General Services Administration (GSA) contract (# GS-21F-0062W effective January 11, 2010) on schedule 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management. The Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes Comfort Systems USA Energy Services as a Qualified Energy Services Company (ESCO).

Affordable Housing Services - Comfort Systems USA Energy Services Affordable Housing Services helps you navigate the maze of green building and energy efficiency requirements. From concept to installation, we work with our clients to evaluate alternatives and arrive at best solutions.


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